A bigger helping hand for a better financial living

Bitclant is a community based platform where all participant provides financial help between each other. You provide help to the community, and the community will help you back. As simple as that!

info_outline Our Ideology

Why Bitclant?

BitClant is a worldwide community of financial aid exchange. Via our smart algorithm, All Bitcoin aid will be distributed fairly and transparently. There is no hidden agenda within BitClant community; We help each other when we can, and we get help when we needed to.

100% Decentralized

Not only we use distributing system, but we also use the world largest decentralized currency - Bitcoin


Strong Algorithm

Our Algorithm are well-thought and has been tested to ensure that all participants will gain their benefits


Up to 120% profit

Each participants can enjoy their earnings up to 120% profit per month

Contact Us!

For any enquiries, support, inquisitions, clarification or you just want to hook up, drop us and email, and we will respond back to you in a jiff.